10918960_854070207972605_8350530253778951024_oYoann Turpin (aka Megalorganiste) was born in may 1986. He was taught piano and organ at a regional conservatory of music. Composer, arranger and keyboard player, he notably began film scoring and related works with french composer AndrĂ© Dziezuk. Fascinated in video games and the art of programming electrical instruments since childhood, he stepped naturaly into chiptune music with his first debut effort album “Rhythm’n’Bits” released in 2012. Various and exciting projects then followed such as short animation movies soundtrack composing as well as independent video game music composing.



Acclaimed released chiptune albums include :

  • “Chip Ship”, april 2013
  • “Chip Songbooks” collection, april 2013 through july 2014
  • “Friendchip”, october 2014

In 2013, Yoann co-founded a brand new chiptune production unit with Mathieu Demange, named “Detune”. This new working environment is now growing fast with on-going projects such as :

  • “Path to the Sky”, greenlighted Steam indie game
  • “RYM2612”, emulated soundchip based Rack Extension for Proppelerhead’s Reason (developed by Mathieu Demange)
  • “Bit’s Carol Groove”, track contribution for the world famous Chiptunes = WIN “chipWINter Wonderland” compilation